Journey Through Reiki Audio Collection

5 hours 20 minutes listening content

    • Music for Reiki Client Sessions & Relaxation

      Reiki Energy: Meditative Music for Reiki (60:16)

      Meditative healing music for Reiki treatments and other healing arts. 


      Use this music for your Reiki practice or anytime you want to relax. This exquisite healing music was composed by Rob Wallace, a Grammy Nominee for the New Age / Healing music album.


      Reiki Energy's soothing music is backed with sounds of nature. 

    • Foundations for Your Practice of Reiki

      Essential Healing Principles (20:02)

      Learn the fundamental principles that support practicing Reiki from a place of ease, trust and confidence.

      The Essential Reiki Self-Treatment (24:26)

      Be guided in a meditative way through this deeply relaxing self-treatment, with soothing music creating a powerful backdrop for your healing session.

      How to Give a Reiki Treatment (30:09)

      Practice giving Reiki with this step-by step experiential audio. A great way to practice without having to refer to notes. Though designed for a table Reiki session, this is an excellent audio for doing long-distance Reiki treatments (including on Zoom). A fabulous addition to your absentee/remote Reiki treatment practice.

      Step-by-Step 1-hour Reiki Session (63:15)

      Give a complete 60-minute Reiki treatment with this guided instructional audio. Soothing music creates a relaxing atmosphere for the recipient of Reiki. Though designed for a table Reiki session, you can use this audio for long-distance Reiki sessions.

    • Travel Deeper into Your Reiki Journey

      The Ultimate Reiki Self-Treatment (24:01)

      This is a wonderful way to practice Reiki and utilize the power of thought and the power of affirmation at the same time.


      For each hand position, a healing affirmation is given that you can choose to relax into, repeat, visualize or imagine as already being true.

      Messages from the Chakras: Reiki Self-Treatment (20:28)

      Balance your chakras and receive insight from your chakra system in this meditative Reiki self-treatment.

      10 Ways to Increase Reiki Energy (16:32)

      In this educational audio, learn core practices to build the focus and flow of energy, including:


      • grounding
      • setting intentions
      • scanning
      • sweeping
      • working with Reiki symbols
      • letting go
      • and more...

      The Ultimate 60-Minute Reiki Treatment with Affirmations (61:21)

      This is designed for clients who enjoy working with affirmations. Your client relaxes into receiving Reiki, while listening to healing affirmations during their session.


      As the practitioner, you'll be guided step-by-step in giving a Reiki treatment. The beautiful music that accompanies this treatment creates the perfect environment for Reiki!

    What Reiki Students and 

    Reiki Practitioners are Saying...

    An awesome guide to practicing Reiki! I love this set. I am a beginner at Reiki and this has helped a lot with giving treatments. The step by step guides for Reiki treatments really help without being distracting to the person being treated. I especially like the guided self healings. I have found this to be extremely valuable on my own journey to self healing. The Reiki Energy music track is also great for practicing Reiki or just relaxing or meditating.

    Patricia A. Kucinskas

    Lisa  has “the gift” we all seek when we think of healing. But it’s not just her therapeutic touch and calming voice. I have been wandering through the wilderness of wellness for 40 years and Lisa epitomizes something I’ve rarely found – authenticity. There is no doubting her sincere desire, or her ability to heal. But her willingness to be who she is immediately opens up the bond of trust that is a must for the success of any true healing relationship. A powerful, nurturing and cleansing experience unlike any other I’ve had.  A rare find indeed.


    The Journey Through Reiki audio collection has become a cherished resource in my Reiki collection. It is just amazing how much is included in this set-something for every practitioner. From the wonderful advice and validation for starting to work with clients to the practice exercises for giving various treatments, I found this to be a great refresher from my Reiki instructions. The music is always beautiful,relaxing and peaceful. But Lisa’s soothing voice really ties the entire experience together, creating a feeling of calm. I am also fortunate to have been a former student of her Reiki class and recommend it highly to others!

    C. Heidt

    I listen every day and I have to say I am changed forever for the good because of it. Not only are the tracks good for Reiki treatments, they are amazing for relaxation and meditation. I am ever so grateful to Lisa for creating these! Highly Highly recommend!

    Carole Fischer

    I LOVE this series. I’m so glad that I purchased this. I am fairly new to Reiki, and this wonderful series was extremely helpful and gave me the confidence I so dearly needed. I highly recommend this whether you are new to Reiki or have just been away from it for a while.

    K. Walters

    Journey Through Reiki is an excellent tool for anyone involved with Reiki. Lisa has an amazing gift, her teaching style is simple, direct and filled with respect for the practice. I have used the self-healing as a way to relax and meditate while giving myself a treatment. I have also used the guided healing for others to provide very profound healing treatments for others. The affirmations are fabulous. In addition, I own a healing practice and use the Reiki music track, Reiki Energy, for almost all my treatments. This is a great package and unique to the market, because until I received this collection of audios, I was in search of a product that had it all. This is it! Whether you are a Level 1 or a Master, you will find a great deal of value contained in this set.

    Hannah Cornell-Shroeder

    Journey Through Reiki supports your practice of Reiki and is perfect for you and your clients!

    • Great for new Reiki students + experienced Reiki Practitioners
    • Simple, guided practice for self-Reiki and client treatments
    • Easy, "go to" music for your Reiki practice - your clients will love it!
    • Play it from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or any MP3 player.
    • Deepen your experience of Reiki and build your confidence in the amazing practice of Reiki.

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